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Drilling And Completion Support

Well completion is a critical and complex stage in the oil and gas well construction process. It requires the engineer to select, rationalize and integrate a large number of design elements in a systematic process that begins with penetrating the reservoir, followed by installing, cementing and perforating the casing.

Finally the well completion string is installed, allowing oil and gas to flow to the surface. Once an oil and gas reservoir is tested and the oilfield is deemed ready for commercial development, drilled wells will call for well completion for optimal commercial production.

At GOALS with Companies whose  core objective of well completion is to protect the oil and gas reservoir and extend the life of oil and gas production to generate an optimum and cost-efficient completion for companies in the Nigerian upstream oil and gas market.

Core Competence

  • Vessel Management Services
  • Offshore & Onshore Manpower Support
  • Offshore & Onshore Construction Service
  • Drilling And Completion Support
  • Training and Manpower Development
  • Offshore & Onshore Logistic Services
  • Cargo Survey and Lube Oil Sampling
  • ISM & ISPS Audits
  • General Marine Procurement

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